“Not everything is about winning,” a wise coach once told his team. We’re having fun playing the game. I don’t know many people who like to lose, though.”

Sports betting has grown in popularity over the years, so this saying has become even more accurate.

Why do we bet? The most important reason, we hope, is to enjoy and love the sport even more. There’s something special about making the right bet, watching your team make a miracle play or hit the game-winning hit, and then having a party. It’s hard to even put into words how it feels. It’s hard to explain. If you haven’t done it, you can’t know how it feels. Nothing else makes us feel like kids like this does. But even if that wasn’t true? The pure excitement of a game, which wouldn’t be there without a bet, is everything. Bets can make us feel real, raw emotions in a way that not many other things in life can.

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But winning is a close second reason that sometimes overtakes our first reason. And by winning, I don’t mean being happy like a little kid. I refer to money. But really, who wants to lose unless they have a lot of money they don’t care what they do with? We play the game because it’s fun, but not many people like to lose.

So, in the constantly changing world of sports betting, here are OKbets sports betting guide’s top 10 tips to help you go from a beginner to a pro.

1. Learn the language of sports betting

If you don’t know what hedging, vig, expected value, etc. are, that’s a problem. To really get good at something, you need to know how to talk about it. Consider it this way. You and a new friend you met at work are going to play golf together. You get to the first hole and are about to tee off when your new friend asks you which club is the driver and which is the putter. It’s going to be a long afternoon, so make sure you have a lot of cold drinks with you. Even though this might be a bit of a stretch, you get the idea. You have to know the language and terms of sports betting to even know what your options are.

2. Ignore Personal Biases

In the world of sports betting, a good rule of thumb is to not bet on “your” teams. It’s nice to know a little bit more about the teams we like, but it’s almost impossible to look at that information without being biased. Think about what happens when you ask someone about their team. People usually say “my team is the worst” or “my team is the best,” especially in this age of super teams and tanking. Neither is a good, logical way to answer when betting.

3. Bet on what you already know

Even though tip No. 3 seems to be very different from tip No. 2, they are actually very different. Even if you don’t want to watch your favorite teams, it’s best to stick to the sports and games you know. If you don’t know much about tennis, it might not be a good idea to bet on the French Open. But maybe you are a big fan of Duke basketball and just saw the Blue Devils get surprised by Stetson in a non-conference game. Before everyone else does, check out the odds for Stetson’s next game. Use the sports you know and like to watch to tell people about things without having to do any extra work.

4. Don’t go too far up

When things go well, it’s easy to feel like you’re on top of the world. Remember that even the best sports bettors in the world only win 53, 54, or 55% of the time on average. If you’re on a good run, keep going as long as you can. But you shouldn’t use a winning streak as an excuse to bet stupidly, because it will always end.

5. Don’t go too low, either

You’ll have hot streaks and cold spells, just like you’ll have hot streaks and cold spells. Even more than usual, this is a time to think before you bet. It’s easy to lose your cool and try to make up for your losses by betting a lot of money on a game. Don’t. When you lose, doubling up, tripling up, and so on, rarely works, and most of the time you just lose more money. Stay true to yourself. The cold spell will end soon.

6. Set a Budget

It’s easy to let sports betting take over our lives and get out of hand because it can make us feel pure, raw emotions that are hard to describe. Setting a budget and sticking to it is one way to keep yourself from getting too high or too low. You can look at this from two different points of view.

First, you could make a budget that only lets you spend a certain amount of money each month, no matter what. (For example, you can bet up to $200 throughout the month, whether you win or lose.) This strategy would limit how much you could win, but it would also give you a better chance of getting some money back.

The other option is to start each month with a set amount of money and not set any other rules. This strategy would obviously have a higher ceiling and a lower floor.

Either of these plans could be used with different amounts of time, money, and other things. No matter what you choose, it’s important to have a plan for how much money you’ll spend.

7. Find out

Always, always, always do research. When it comes to betting on sports, you can never know too much. All of the following are good ways to find information:

  • You can use free websites to see what people are betting on.
  • Read articles and strategy guides from trusted sources like okbet sports betting information.
  • Find out about the different ways to bet.
  • Find out about expected value and use it to find good bets.

Don’t stop here, though. Even if you have already placed a bet, you should keep researching until the official result is known. Hedging (placing a bet on a different outcome than the original bet to create a situation where there is a guaranteed profit) and research should always be on the table.

8. Bet When It’s Right

Anyone who has bet for a long time has lost because of this. When you place a bet, nothing is more frustrating than finding out that if you had waited an hour or a day, you could have gotten much better odds or much more money. If you pay attention to how other people are betting and use common sense, you can avoid betting at bad times. This is true for both placing bets before and after the game started. Also, in sports like football, where most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, sharp bettors tend to bet earlier in the week, while bettors who aren’t as smart tend to bet later in the week, closer to the weekend. If you can spot patterns like this and make the right moves based on your knowledge, you can make the best bets at the best times.

9. Compare prices

If you have the time, you should look at different sportsbooks to see which ones have the best odds for bettors. Some sportsbooks often have very different odds on the same games or props. If you keep your options open and use more than one sportsbook, you’ll be able to find the ones with the best odds and get the most out of your money.

10. Have Fun

Betting on sports should be fun. Make sure all your betting activities are for fun otherwise, it might affect your mental and physical health when things won’t go according to what you’ve expected. Do thorough research and learn more about sports betting odds, picks, predictions, etc. Always enjoy sports betting. Have fun!

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