OKBet Sports Betting Update Notre Dame, Michigan State now underdogs after opening as favorites

The fourth week of college football season is coming up soon. We are getting to the point where we have seen and heard enough about these teams to feel more sure of what we think. Because of this, this week’s betting market has been pretty crazy.

There have been three games where the favorite lost. We’ve also seen some spreads go through important numbers and some totals go crazy. So, without further ado, here are the big changes in the betting lines before Week 4.

Underdogs are now Notre Dame, Michigan State, and SMU

When OKBets sports betting lines the Philippines came out on Sunday, North Carolina was a 1.5-point underdog against Notre Dame, Minnesota was a 1.5-point underdog against Michigan State, and TCU was a 1.5-point underdog against SMU. But as the weekend gets closer, North Carolina, Minnesota, and TCU have all become the betting favorites.

Last week, Notre Dame won its first game under Marcus Freeman by beating California. It hasn’t been a good start for Freeman, though. The Irish should have won against Ohio State, but their loss at home to Marshall was hard to understand.

Tyler Buchner will not play again this season because he hurt his shoulder. This team isn’t nearly as good as many people thought it would be, and now it’s playing Drew Pyne, the backup quarterback. North Carolina is 3-0, and the Fighting Irish are now a 1.5-point home underdog. The game’s total also went down by four points, from 59.5 to 55.5.

Minnesota has won its first three games of the season by an average of 44 points each. But Colorado, New Mexico State, and Western Illinois are about the worst competition you can find. Saturday, when they go to East Lansing, Michigan, to play Michigan State, the Golden Gophers will face their first real challenge of the season.

People who bet on them seem to think they’re up to the task. The Golden Gophers used to be a 1.5-point underdog, but now they are a 3-point favorite. The first loss of the season for Michigan State happened at Washington.

Marcus Freeman

TCU used to be a 2-point favorite at home against SMU, but now the Horned Frogs are a 2-point favorite on the road. TCU is 2-0 so far this season. They beat Colorado and Tarleton State by a lot. Last weekend, at Maryland, SMU lost for the first time.

Oddsmakers also think the game will have a lot of points, since the total is now set at 70.5, which is two points more than it was at the start. In the Big 12, the Baylor vs. Iowa State game was set up as a “pick’em,” but Iowa State seems to be the favorite at home.

At the moment, the Cyclones are 2.5-point favorites at home. Iowa State is 3-0 so far this season, and its win at Iowa was its best. After losing to BYU in overtime on the road two weeks ago, Baylor is now 2-1.

Move through important numbers

Not all line movement is equal. Any line movement that goes through a key number like 3, 7, or 14 is worth more than a number that goes through a less important number. Let’s look at some games this weekend that have gone through important numbers:

  • Clemson opened as a 6.5-point favorite against Wake Forest on the road. However, early action has pushed the number through the key number of seven. Currently, at OKBet Sports Betting Philippines, Clemson is a 7.5-point favorite. Last year, Clemson beat Wake Forest by a score of 48-21.
  • Louisville was a 13.5-point favorite against South Florida, but that number is now up to 14.5.
  • Cincinnati is now a 16.5-point favorite against Indiana, but when the betting market opened, the spread was just 13.5. The movement has pushed the line through the key number of 14. The total is also up four points, going from 53.5 to 57.5 points.

Other Notable Movement

Which other lines have moved significantly this week?

  • Kent State -42.5 vs. Georgia -45.5; Total 58.5 vs. 62.5
  • Against Akron, Liberty is -26.5, so Liberty is -29.5.
  • Hawaii -1.5 vs. New Mexico State; New Mexico State -4.5 vs. Hawaii
  • San Jose State -4 vs. Western Michigan —> San Jose State -7
  • Louisiana -11.5 @ UL-Monroe —> Louisiana -9
  • UCF -18.5 vs. Georgia Tech —> UCF -20.5
  • Kansas -9.5 vs. Duke —> Kansas -7.5
  • California -4.5 vs. Arizona —> California -3
  • Florida State -16.5 vs. Boston College —> Florida State -17.5
  • Ohio State is -17.5 points behind Wisconsin.
  • -17.5 for Michigan vs. -16.5 for Maryland
  • Tennessee -9.5 vs. Florida —> Tennessee -10.5
  • Total: 60.5—>67.5 for Ball State vs. Georgia Southern
  • Total: 57—>52 Rice vs. Houston
  • Total for Oregon vs. Washington State: 52.5 > 56.5