OKBet Casino to host Poker State Championships in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan

OKBet Casino is starting a new online poker series this week, and starting this week, tournaments will be held in three different states. From September 15 to September 25, the OKBet Casino Poker State Championships will be held in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey. Players can take part in the event in their own state, where the prize pools are different.

Information about the OKBet Casino State Poker Championships

The new Poker State Championships will be held in three states that have legalized online poker. There will be a $1,000 Championship event in each state, but the prize pool will be different depending on where you are. Pennsylvania will have the smallest prize pool, with $150,000 up for grabs.

In Michigan, players compete for a total of $200,000, while players in New Jersey are guaranteed $250,000. The series has different buy-in prices based on how big and popular the poker market is in each state.

This is one of 26 events planned for each of the three states. Over the course of the series, the prize money will be spread out among the states that are taking part. The total prize pool will be $540,000 in Pennsylvania, $680,000 in Michigan, and $720,000 in New York. The most money will be in New Jersey, which will give out $795,000.

Players can take part in different events with buy-ins that range from $100 to more than $5,000. The Championship and High Rollers will be the biggest events. On the schedule, there are both no-limit hold’em events and others with different rules, such as 8-Max and PKO.

How to Get Started

For the Poker State Championships, players must be from Pennsylvania, Michigan, or New Jersey. The series will start on September 15 with the NLHE Kickoff, which will cost $500 to enter. On the same day, the NLHE 8-Max Phase 1 will start with a $100 buy-in.

During the series, there will be two or three events to play in each day. On OKBet Casino’s website, you can find the full schedule, including information about how much you have to pay to play and when the tournaments start. In each state, both amateur and professional poker players are expected to take part in the series, and it will be interesting to see who wins the title.

OKBet Casino has never done a multi-state online poker series in the US before, but this one is sure to not be the last. In the next few days, we’ll find out how many people enter each event and if the new series is popular with players.